Cheetah Whores wear their musical hearts on their sleeve while combining 70’s punk, 60’s R&B, psychedelic sounds and good old rock and roll.

Cheetah Whores have been Rockin' in the Rochester, NY music scene since early 2006.



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"Still Standing

Cheetah Whores
debut album

Bang Bang Baby!
Cheetah Whores made the cover of
Rochester, New York  entertainment mag - City Newspaper.

Cheetah Whores want to thank Syfy for letting us
get our tentacles all over the theme song.

The half-shark, half-octopus, all killing machine aired on the SyFy Channel this fall.

Produced by Roger Corman.

Cheetah Whores: From Mustard To Sharktopus

Many thanks to Kingkeld in Denmark for the following review.

The Whores


Cheetah Whores at Water Street
- 2010

It wasn't a huge crowd, but I was still impressed with the hundred or so who braved the outdoor suction to catch the Cheetah Whores with Velvet Elvis at The Club at Water Street Wednesday night. "I'm here to support the Whores," I overheard a girl say as she handed her ticket over at the door. "You gotta love the Whores." And I do. I mean, who doesn't? This band is a beautiful disaster that prevails in spite of itself. To watch the band play is to see it teeter on various precipices. And the direction the band is taking lately has seen it switch from a soul train to a lowrider. The sound seethes with a primal, psycho-sexual beat. It reminds me a bit of The Cramps. The lap steel is a nice touch, especially when wielded as a theremin. The vocals are a nice touch when wielded as a come-on. The drums are a nice touch when wielded like a tantrum.

By Frank De Blase